quality control

QUALITY CONTROL - ensure perfection

Every manager knows that quality control is a vital part of production process.
It is very important to ensure that your clients buy only top quality products, but it may be a difficult thing to do if your company or shopping centre is located in one country, and manufacturer - in another.

Quality ControlThis is where the TRA-CON team step in and help.

We can inspect your products and provide quality reports upon request.

There are two kinds of quality control services that we provide.

1.    Brief quality report.

We provide this service upon clients’ request. Our employees visits the manufacturer, checks the products and prepares a quality report with photos.
The fee includes travelling and accommodation costs.

2.    Full quality control.

This service covers quality control during the whole production process. Our professionals take part in the product development, visit the factories and are checking the samples. Final quality control may be carried out according to AQL (Acceptance Quality Limits) or other standard as requested by the client.

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